In the stock market, you can make a fortune by selling high and buying low. The same rule applies in fantasy football. With the tail end of the season coming up, it’s time to think about bettering your team for the home stretch.

A few things can define the player that you are looking for to improve your team. A buy-low candidate is a player who has either underachieved thus far or has struggled as of late, but has the potential to break out and finish off the season on a high note. And after all, fantasy seasons are won or lost in these coming weeks.

Here are some potential buy-low candidates I think can finish out the season strong:

Jahvid Best

Best has been dealing with a turf toe injury and hasn’t recorded double-digit points or a touchdown since week two, when he had three.

As we saw on Sunday, with Matthew Stafford back the Lions’ offense is about to become a whole lot better. Best will be a major beneficiary of Stafford’s play mainly because of his pass-catching ability. He is currently second behind Frank Gore in receiving yards by a running back this season. On Sunday, he had five receptions for 31 yards. His game-breaking speed makes him a candidate to take any run or pass to the house, and as the Lions’ offense improves and Best’s toe heals, expect great play from him.

Ray Rice / Maurice Jones-Drew

Lots of yards. Few touchdowns. It will certainly be difficult to get this owner to part with his first round pick, but if he is dumb enough to doubt that the scores will come, you should pounce on the opportunity to acquire either of these studs. Baltimore has relied too much on Joe Flacco and the passing offense, but will soon discover its identity as a run-first football team, with Rice being the main beneficiary.

Jones-Drew may be harder to trade for, but his value will only go up from here on out. Just remember, down the stretch depth matters less and less. If you are looking to make a run for the playoffs, it’s all about your starting lineup, so even if you have to give up multiple players to acquire him, it will be worth it. The constant yardage guarantees steady production, and both Rice and Jones-Drew are guaranteed to touch the ball a certain number of times because they are vital to their teams’ offensive success.

Knowshon Moreno

Moreno’s value has been up and down all season, and he is just recently overcoming a hamstring injury that sidelined him for three games earlier in the year. Moreno is by far the most talented player in a crowded Denver backfield and will show that in the coming weeks. Much like Best, his pass-catching ability makes him a great buy-low candidate, even if you don’t fully believe in his ability to run the football.

The Broncos have a bye in week nine, so this may be the perfect time to target Moreno. Assuming Moreno will be healthy in week 10, Denver has a cupcake schedule heading down the stretch. They play St. Louis in week 12, before a fantasy-friendly playoff schedule of Arizona, Oakland and Houston in weeks 14-16.

DeSean Jackson

It doesn’t matter who is playing quarterback for the Eagles — DeSean will get his. Jackson has actually put up better fantasy numbers with Vick at the helm, so this is good news with Vick set to start this week.

The problem is Jackson’s health. He is still recovering from a brutal concussion and may not be ready to play this week. View this as a good thing. If you can convince his owner that he is not worth the trouble and trade for him on the discount, go for it. Once healthy, Jackson is a great #1 receiver with huge play potential, as he is another guy with game-breaking speed who can always take one to the house.

Wes Welker

He has 40 receptions through seven games this season — below his pace of over 110 receptions in each of his last three seasons (his first three with the Pats). He has 319 yards and three touchdowns.

Brady has not needed to throw the ball lately for the Patriots to have success, but that will change. The Pats are a pass-first team and Welker will play well down the stretch. It is highly possible that he has been slowed down by his surgically repaired knee, but — barring any setbacks — shouldn’t that mean that he will only get better as the season progresses and his knee continues to heal?

Daily Nexus NFL columnist Ryan Porush would like to invite anyone and everyone to come take a look at his crystal ball. It’s very, very shiny.