Dear Jeremy,

You said in your article (“American and Israeli Alliance Safeguards Democracy,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 1)  that “radical” Islamic entities “violate human rights on a regular basis.” What about Israel? Just several months ago, Israeli soldiers killed people on peace ships in international waters claiming that the kitchen knives on the ship were deadly weapons. Is this your definition of protecting human rights?

You said that radical Islamists aim to destroy modernization. How? By wearing their traditional clothes? Give us some concrete examples. You also said that the U.S. cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran. Of course, no country on earth can tolerate another country with a nuclear weapon. How about guaranteeing that the two countries you mentioned (U.S. and Israel) do not have nuclear weapons either? I would be more scared to know that those two nations have nukes, especially if we take into account that the U.S. is one of the most aggressive countries in the world (if you look at the records of the last decade), and Israel has been a frequent, shameless violator of human rights.

The lie that Iraq had nuclear weapons was one of our major reasons for going to war. Then what happened? In the end, the western world accepted that Iraq indeed did not have any such weapons. Just because some people were in the mood for war, many innocent children died. Children died — this is a fact.
But the notion that Iran has nuclear weapons is not a fact. Right now, it is not known whether Iran resumed any nuclear weapon work, but if we don’t change our approach to these kinds of problems, we will end up with a case similar to Iraq where more innocent children die.
As college students, I believe we have the responsibility to base our claims on real facts when we write articles.
Let hope and peace shine upon us.