The Associated Students Finance Board distributed $20,417 to nine student organizations during last night’s three-hour meeting.

The board fully funded Theta Nu Kappa, while partially funding Tribal Belly Dance Fusion, Chinese Student Association, A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equality, Education Abroad Program, Lambda Chi Alpha, Optimist Club, Residential Life and Indus. Only $11,262 remains in the fall unallocated budget.

S.C.O.R.E. presented last night, in hopes of ensuring funding for the 22nd annual Students of Color Conference, to be held on campus from Nov. 19 to 21.

S.C.O.R.E. Co-Chair David Preciado, a fourth-year Chican@ studies major, said the commission has struggled to attain substantial funding from outside organizations.

“We are being co-sponsored by 24 organizations and that seems like a lot, but they are only funding a small amount each,” Preciado said. “Campuses in larger cities have more access to grants and extra money that we in Santa Barbara don’t have access to.”

Board member Katie Lieberknecht said the conference is a valuable event, but argued that S.C.O.R.E. has already received ample financial support from A.S.

“They came to us weeks ago with their entire budget and we funded them $14,500 for entertainment,” Lieberknecht said. “They are coming back and saying they didn’t get the funding that they needed and I don’t feel comfortable with them coming back and putting that on A.S.’s shoulders. We are funding speakers, entertainment and now facilities and those are the main components of a conference.”

However, board member Ahmed Mostafa said the event would need full funding to remain effective.

“It would be embarrassing to have other schools coming to Santa Barbara and the event was poorly planned and poorly organized,” Mostafa said. “[Funding S.C.O.R.E. more] should have been done from the very start.”

After an extensive debate, the board partially funded S.C.O.R.E. with $7,000 — bringing their total allocation from the board this quarter to $21,500.

Additionally, Lambda Chi Alpha sought funding for the first annual Electric Playground concert to benefit Isla Vista Youth Projects.

Student Advocate General Harrison Weber said the event needed money to not only draw a large crowd this year, but also sustain momentum for years to come.

“We want to make it big because it’s the first and we want to hopefully make it bigger next year and have bigger talent,” Weber said. “We are going through every avenue to make it as productive and successful as possible.”

Board member Hazel Putney said the board’s mission is to fund events in the most productive way possible. Lambda Chi Alpha’s request for $9,670, she said, was exorbitant.

“The purpose of this board is to make efficient use of student funds,” Putney said. “I am not afraid of challenging the group to make events happen for less.”

The board eventually funded Lambda Chi Alpha $5,000 to organize the concert.