Hollywood movie writer and first-time director Peter Iliff has film crews working on a new film examining Isla Vista’s party culture.

Iliff, a UCSB alum, said the film — “Rites of Passage” — will explore sexuality and violence and feature a cast including Christian Slater and Stephen Dorff. Filming will take place in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara City College and the Chumash Burial Grounds south of Hollister Pier, among other locales.

According to Iliff, UCSB is unique for its combined reputation as one of the top schools in the nation and its prolific party scene.

“Isla Vista has become iconic and now it is going beyond,” Iliff said.

In spite of the school’s top academic reputation, Iliff said the film is meant to alert its audience to a growing rate of debauchery in the community.

“It is basically forewarning the university that the occurrence of rape is off the charts, there is all this binge drinking and students partaking in hookup sex and drug use,” Iliff said.