I’m referring to the 1974 version,
the original, but any version of the
movie is terrifying nonetheless.
Here’s the premise: a group of
five young adults on a road trip
get stranded on the property of
hillbilly cannibals. That’s really not
too bad, seeing how the family can’t
physically catch a bunch of athletic
young people. But they also have a
son who is massive, fast and wields
a chainsaw as his weapon. He does
the real work in the family by
catching all the kids and bringing
food to the table, which seems
a little unfair to me. But I won’t
argue because the sound of a man
squealing at a chainsaw in front of
him is something that might make
me pass out on the spot. The fact
that he wears human skin as a mask would
send me into a coma. So if Leatherface wants
to bring home the bacon, I won’t stop him. One
other thing — I probably will not be going
to Texas anytime soon because of this movie.
Tommy is probably still out there. Just saying.