The Associated Students Finance Board doled out over $28,000 to 12 different student organizations and left last night’s meeting with $32,248 remaining in its fall unallocated budget.

Ten organizations received $12,764 in allocations from the fall budget, while two other organizations were given another $8,782 from a separate fund. One student group, Student Lobby, also received $7,180 from the board’s unallocated Winter Quarter budget on top of the $2,270 they received from the fall unallocated budget.

Tribal Belly Dance Fusion requested funding to hold Berzercus, a free circus in Isla Vista, for its fourth consecutive quarter. Group President Satory Palmer said the carnival aims to shock, astound and enlighten.

“We had three of these [events] last year and all of them went very well,” Palmer, a fourth-year English major said. “The goal is to tell stories through circus arts and break down and performers.”

Board Vice Chair Katie Lieberknecht said she was hesitant to fund the event because it is planned to be held at the Biko Co-Op in Isla Vista.

“I have a huge problem with this because it is at a private residence,” Lieberknecht said. “This is Associated Students’ money.”

On the other hand, board member Edward Muna said the Biko house is well-known in the student community for putting on similar events.

“Biko is a university sponsored housing because it is a co-op,” Muna said. “I think a lot of people go to their concerts and events off campus.”

The board voted to table Tribal Belly Dance Fusion to see what funding is allocated from the Isla Vista Community Relations Committee.

The fraternity Theta Nu Kappa then approached seeking funding for wristbands to help fund the Trevor Project, a nonprofit LBGTQ (Lesbian Bisexual Gay Transgender and Questioning) crisis hotline.

The wristbands have grown in popularity after a recent wave of suicides among LGBTQ youth shocked the nation and prompted the national “It Gets Better” project, which promotes an end to adolescent bullying, especially along racial lines.

Santa Barbara City College student and Theta Nu Kappa member Antonio Brooks said the fraternity is taking a declarative stance against LBGTQ violence.

“We want to show support as a fraternity taking a stance that harassment of LBGTQ is not okay,” Brooks said. “We are going to stand against it, and we want to work with other Greek organizations.”

Theta Nu Kappa investment chair Karan Gogri, third-year philosophy major, said the wristbands promote many philanthropies his fraternity sponsors.

“The wristbands are assembled in America and are sweat shop-free, which are both good values,” Gogri said.

The board voted to fully fund the philanthropy project.

Overall, the board voted to fully fund Student Lobby, Public Health Brigades, Mock Trial Team, Lambda Theta Nu, Black Student Union, Theta Nu Kappa, Sigma Gamma Rho and Sigma Chi Omega, and voted to partially fund American Indian Student Mentor Association, LISO, Alpha Chi Omega and UC Haiti Initiative. Mock Trial was financed out of a fund for academic teams and Lambda Theta Nu was funded out of the Student Initiated Outreach Program outreach fund.