California sits between a rock and a hard place, but according to some at the Daily Nexus, it’s going to take the same leaders and the same polices to get us out of the current mess. Instead of looking to someone like Meg Whitman, who has extensive experience in the business world, they look to the career left wing politician, Jerry Brown, who caused many of the problems we have today. In the Senate, we’re turning to a narcissistic mental midget who consistently votes for more spending while telling her constituents she’ll reduce the deficit. These two Democrats are the worst! A state of 36 million people should be able to recognize we need new leadership with new ideas.

The “fiscal conservative” Jerry Brown and his union money have pulled out all the stops with their character assassinations of Meg Whitman. Jerry Brown’s tax hikes in his early years as governor brought about a tax revolt later, in the form of the infamous Prop 13, essentially forcing tax reductions.  Moreover, Brown is beholden to almost every union imaginable and allowed the state’s civil service to unionize during his tenure as governor. As a consequence, we are now facing a $500 billion pension “time bomb” according to the L.A. Times. Additionally, if elected, Brown won’t have the guts to confront unions and make the tough decisions, which, I believe, should include an older retirement age and adoption of a 401(K) retirement fund, not a salaried pension. Unlike Brown, Whitman really is a fiscal conservative and can make the tough choices because she isn’t beholden to the radical and destructive left wing union leaders. Similarly, Whitman wants to reserve our wealth to assist Americans attending college, not subsidize law breaking illegal immigrants.

Barbara Boxer has been a menace in the U.S Senate for nearly 20 years. Although she blames Bush for current debt (which is partially true), she consistently voted for larger budgets and more spending during the Bush Administration. Today, she is a reliable rubber stamp vote for the radical Obama Administration’s “transformative” (really destructive) agenda, which is aimed at destroying traditional American society. Boxer claims she’s for the “middle class,” however she leads the charge for bigger government, more authoritarian control and more bureaucracies by advocating for job-killing energy taxes, strangling small businesses and pushing the middle class around with endless regulation. Carly Fiorina would be a wonderful replacement for this liberal warhorse. She’s fresh, creative and has worked at many levels of the economy, finally ending up as CEO of HP. Unlike Boxer, Carly has accomplished something in life and knows what it will take to get small businesses hiring and America prospering once again. And just to clear up any confusion, the Senate doesn’t overturn judicial precedent — the Supreme Court does.

Brown and Boxer have had their chance; isn’t it time for a change in leadership? Reject both of them.  Elect people who stand for limited government, economic freedom, individual liberty and private property rights; after all, that’s what American society is all about.