The Isla Vista Foot Patrol arrested a man for the possession of illegal drugs this weekend and responded to several assaults and burglaries.

Late Friday night, officers observed a man attempting to enter a locked residence on the 6700 block of Del Playa Drive after claiming he locked himself out. IVFP Lt. Ray Vuillemainroy said deputies found the suspect’s collection of narcotics and other illicit substances while trying to confirm the suspect lived at the residence.

“The deputies go back to his house and found his ID, but it turns out he had some drugs on him including ecstasy, meth, cocaine, quite a few things,” Vuillemainroy said. “There was also a small marijuana growth as well.”

According to Vuillemainroy, deputies did not find the drugs on his person but discovered them while searching his belongings inside the locked residence.

“He did not actually have any on his person,” Vuillemainroy said. “They went in there and he said his ID was in a black backpack. They brought it out of the black backpack and inside a prescription medicine bottle there were multiple drugs and we arrested him for that.”

I.V. Foot Patrol also responded to several burglaries throughout the weekend.

The first burglary occurred Friday night on the 6600 block of Picasso Road. Vuillemainroy said the suspect entered through a locked entry point at the residency.

“An unknown suspect entered the residence through a locked rear window and stole $2,000 worth of electronics and cash,” Vuillemainroy said. “No suspect information was available.”

Another burglary occurred on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive Saturday night. Vuillemainory said the suspect was arrested for grand theft of a laptop after a deputy noticed the suspect’s suspicious behavior.

“A deputy observed a guy that was putting a laptop computer under his shirt,” Vuillemainroy said. “He made contact with the guy and he admitted to stealing the laptop.”

According to Vuillemainroy, the suspect stole the laptop while attending a party.

“He said he was at a party at a random person’s house who he did not know and while at the party he noticed the laptop and stole the laptop,” Vuillemainroy said.

In addition to burglaries, I.V. Foot Patrol responded to several assaults over the weekend.

The first assault occurred on the 6600 block of Trigo Road. Vuillemainroy said one of the two suspects punched the victim after he saw them trying to jimmy open a car.

“The suspects were seen attempting to enter a locked vehicle when the victim saw them and confronted the suspects,” Vuillemainroy said. “One of the suspects assaulted the victim and then they fled.”

The second assault occurred on the 6600 block of Trigo Road Saturday afternoon, when a suspect was arrested for using a deadly weapon on his roommate.

“The suspect is mentally disturbed and claims he suffered from schizophrenia,” Vuillemainroy said. “He attacked his roommate with a bike lock and punched his roommate. He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.”

Officers also handled multiple alcohol-related crimes throughout the weekend, issuing 28 citations for minors in possession, 13 for noise violations, nine for open containers and two for party nuisance calls. IFVP also made nine arrests for public intoxication.