Dear Isla Vistans,

Rock the vote! I’m sure you’re aware of the importance of that catchy, albeit silly phrase. Now, more than ever, your votes are needed locally.

Isla Vista is a unique place in that it is shared by students, families and longtime residents alike. On any given day, there are students and children playing pick-up games of soccer in the parks or folks working together in their community garden plots. The parks are essential spaces that allow intimacy and a sense of true community in Isla Vista and also host great events like Chilla Vista and Earth Day. Being the only government entity rooted in this colorful beach town, the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District (IVRPD) is the closest thing to a mayorship or town council we currently have.

The IVRPD has five board members who prioritize and allocate funding for special projects and essential park maintenance. One such project is the creation of a skate park in Estero Park. Although the project enjoys strong support from student and family funding, other hurdles have significantly slowed the process. However, sustained voicing of local endorsement for the park has already expedited the process! A temporary skate park has been erected in Estero Park, only whetting the appetite of those who are pushing for the funding of the permanent skate park. A successful establishment of a skate park can pave the way for other projects, such as a community center, in the near future.

The aforementioned project is only a small portion of what the IVRPD deals with. It is of utmost importance that the IVRPD Board consists of individuals that understand the local needs and represent residents’ values. So, this Nov. 2, rock the vote to elect representatives who will work to connect the community and improve communal spaces!
Diane Conne, Katie Kasatkina, and Omid Niroumandzadeh are running for positions on the IVRPD and would appreciate your vote! We care and we’re here for you.
Feel free to e-mail any questions or comments to