By now, everyone’s accustomed to Isla Vista’s nightlife, especially its revealing dress code (on some girls, it’s a bit too revealing). You want to be Megan Fox in seductively chic Versace but sometimes you end up as Bai Ling because you succumbed to the tube dress marching to the beat of “the tighter and trashier, the better!”

But au contraire! You can be Megan Fox in a sea of Bai Lings with the right silhouettes and accessories. Here are my picks — budget friendly, not cheap-looking — that guarantee double takes and dropped jaws without resembling everyone else. After all, I.V. at night is the closest you can get to the red carpet, so treat it as one!

1. Express MK2 Stretch Cotton Shirt, $59.90

Great for any occasion from a kick-back to a job interview, this shirt fits every body type with its modern or fitted option. The military style (huge trend for fall!) adds toughness to a classic crisp shirt. Not to mention, Express has the best fit for dress and casual shirts, this pick included. If this isn’t to your liking, Express has more noteworthy alternatives, like the Plaid Studded Military Shirt ($23.99). For those who gym, this is the right fit to display your hard work! Don’t drown yourself in baggy jeans and one-liner tees (“I just rolled out of bed.” Really? Go back to bed then). At the same time, don’t tighten your muscles in kid-size clothes. You are not the Jersey Shore boys.

2. Heeluxe Talus Heelbeds, $14.99

This shoe insert is seriously my Lord and Savior. After walking with them in four-inch stilettos all weekend, my posture improved while my foot pain lessened (the doctor states a 20 percent decrease!) Other brands simply pale in comparison to Heeluxe. It’s true; I’ve tried them all. If you’re still hesitant, Dr. Geoffrey Gray ( can answer your questions. Go purchase them on their Web site; your feet will thank you for eternity. Stick these into your heels and I swear you’ll strut down the sidewalks with more confidence and comfort.

[media-credit id=20135 align=”alignleft” width=”250″][/media-credit]3. Forever 21 Beaded One Shoulder Dress, $19.80

When in doubt, a simple Little Black Dress works wonders. However, a tube dress is neither an LBD nor remotely full of wonders. Be more creative with your options, like the aforementioned dress. Its rock ’n’ roll-Twiggy-meets-modern-day-Audrey-Hepburn vibe is a far cry from the conventional sausage casing most girls squeeze into. This is figure-flattering without having your body parts unnecessarily spilling out. Much better alternative, non?

4. Aldo Sangrey Heels, $59.98; Timberland Kiawah Bay Boat Shoes, $59.99

If anything is worth buying nowadays, it’s definitely shoes that fit your bill. $20 shoes temporarily satisfy your sartorial hunger, but after three months, everything breaks apart. Just think — your feet take you everywhere, so why not invest in footwear that will last and treat your soles nicely? Aldo’s Sangrey Heels stand perfectly between a sandal and a bootie (Hello, platform sole!) The suede leaves your skin rash-free sans blisters and the laces let you adjust accordingly — practically customizable. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment (coming from someone who’s endured endless pain for endless miles). Similarly, Timberland’s boat shoes accomplish comfort and trendy appeal. These shoes take boating to a new level — a sleek, modern update on a classic look. Timberland can certainly take you to places Sperry Top-Siders wouldn’t dare — their shoes are still of-the-moment, don’t get me wrong — like semi-fancy lunches or casual Fridays at work. Both pairs can strut year-round, which means fatter wallets for other expenses.