The Associated Student Legislative Council discussed the increasing rates of campus parking permits at their first meeting of the school year, held last night in the State Street Room of the UCen.

The council debated the recent Night & Weekend Parking Permit fee hike. Despite having allotted Transportation & Parking Services a $3.33 lock-in fee at the end of last year, the department has recently increased the price of permits.

In addition to the paying the quarterly lock-in, A.S. Internal Vice President Jake Elwood said students are now expected to contribute an additional $17.50 per quarter to guarantee free night and weekend parking.

“We have to decide where we want to move forward with it,” Elwood said.

Following a drawn-out discussion, the board decided to form an ad hoc committee to further investigate the matter.

“What kind of message does this send to parking services if we give in to their demands?” Representative-at-Large Danielle Mayorga said. “Certain questions need to be answered by PTS before we move forward with this discussion.”

Additionally, the board passed a resolution supporting the federal Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, which seeks to provide immigrants greater access to higher education.

Alfredo del Cid, university owned off-campus housing representative, said it was A.S.’s duty to speak on behalf of those students who pay student fees, but are denied access to financial aid and other services — a problem which the federal bill will address.

“These undocumented students are part of our university and the people we represent,” del Cid said. “We’re losing them every day because they just can’t afford to keep paying into the system.”

Board members were unsure about how their resolution would support the legislation, but the council eventually approved the action.

Nayra Pacheco, a third-year environmental studies and history of public policy major, said the bill’s main purpose is to establish solidarity between students of all backgrounds.

“Basically, it allows us to say our student government is behind us and supports the D.R.E.A.M. Act,” Pacheco said. “It helps a lot to have your backing, especially if we need posters or other campaign materials. It’s good to have that backing when we go to Finance Board.”