So I’m now deeply invested in this ABC Family friendly show called Friday Night Lights. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not, but it’s superb. It’s like that old MTV show, Two-A-Days, but without the annoying side swept Justin Bieber-like Alabama hair. That hairdo does not look good on anyone. Period.

Instead of spilling on the love hexagons that exist in the fabled Dillon, Texas, I will digress and get to my point — my take on the drama that quarterbacks in the NFL.

NFL teams, like the Dillon Panthers, have a hierarchy of quarterbacks. Unlike any other position on the team, the quarterback has the most to gain — but also the most to lose. Throughout the history of modern football there has always been quarterback drama. Tom Brady upending Drew Bledsoe, Kurt Warner taking the position from Trent Green, and Doug “Flutie Flakes” Flutie snatching the job from the grossly overpaid Rob Johnson. It is where even the lowest-drafted nobody can upend the first-round picked somebody and become a legend for little boys across America to look up to.

The second and third-string QBs can look chummy and cheery, with their baseball caps clipboards, but you better believe that QB #1 is holding on for dear life to avoid being the next Drew Bledsoe. Because believe me, the way this season is going, there is a strong possibility that the above may happen.

This 2010 NFL season has been riddled with quarterback controversies. Everyday there is some sort of “breaking news” of QB #2’s outright overtaking of QB #1, QB #1’s injuries (or suspensions) that thrust QB #2 into the spotlight, or, in rare cases, QB #3 or #4 leapfrogging the entire group to grab the reins of the team. Take a look at the starting QBs for Week Three. The names on that list are more foreign to me than Little Ethiopia in West Hollywood. A word to the wise: stay far away from the kitfo. Just do it.

Honestly though, when did Chad Pennington of the Dolphins turn into Chad Henne? When did the golden boy, Matthew Stafford, go down with a bad enough of an injury that Shaun Hill had to replace him? Buffalo recently became more irrelevant by dumping Trent Edwards and turning to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

With all that being said, I am all for upsets. I love the story of the underdog coming from behind to steal the thunder of someone who became too comfortable. Charlie Batch had a very solid outing on Sunday, with three touchdowns and over 200 yards thrown. Fitzpatrick came extremely close to Bundchen’s overall passer rating, with two touchdowns thrown in Buffalo’s closer-than-expected loss to the Pats. Heck, my buddy Shaun Hill had a higher passer rating than Brett Favre.

Maybe we have come upon a new era in the NFL. Maybe the reins won’t be so blindly handed to the hyped “star QB #1” anymore, but instead be put up for grabs. I am sure that the Peyton Mannings of the world will be the odds on favorites to keep their positions for years to come, and that is justified.

Maybe for these other teams, such as the Jaguars or the Bills, where the starting QB isn’t so set in stone, there will be that tiny glimpse for an unknown to become a well known. Perhaps it’s just me, but this Joe Schmo decade that we may be embarking on soon isn’t looking too bad.

Daily Nexus sports columnist Julia Speace likes Tom Brady’s Hair. A lot. Even though she promised not to talk about it.