The Associated Students Finance Board could dispense almost $500,000 to student organizations throughout the course of this year.

The board allocated $5,510 to three student groups during last night’s inaugural meeting. In addition to fully funding Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., council members voted to partially fund Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s financial requests.

The council also decided to devote half of the year’s budget to Fall and Winter Quarters and the second half to Spring Quarter.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. was among the groups that presented at last night’s meeting. The fraternity sought funding for the first of two annual dances organized at the University Center’s Hub.

According to Omega Psi Phi President Bill Lewis Jr., a fourth-year film and media studies major, the social is one of the fraternity’s main sources of revenue for their scholarship program.

However, board member Bennett Duval said he was concerned that the event was being marketed to only a small portion of the student community.

“We have a dance on Friday and Saturday, so are we choosing to fund one over the other?” Duval asked. “I also feel like this event is targeting Greeks [while] the other event seems to be targeting everyone, especially first years — which is important.”

Even though the event targets a particular group, board member Javier Martinez, fourth-year law and business economics double major, said the council should focus on the larger picture of students receiving scholarship grants.

“Regardless of where it is being targeted, the purpose is the scholarships,” Martinez said. “So if this event goes well and they have time, then they can have another one — because they said they have two dances — and raise more money for scholarships.”

The council eventually fully funded the dance with the stipulation that all students be charged the same entrance fee.

The ADP Outreach Interns also requested funding yesterday. The Interns required support to expand their “Just Call 911” campaign by printing 10,000 pamphlets about how to aid friends or peers suffering from an overdose.

Advisor Michelle Kitson said distributing pamphlets to as many students as possible is a matter of life and death.

“During the last school year five students passed away from drug or alcohol overdoses,” Kitson said. “This pamphlet is about how to help people make the call. It is also about what not to do and breaking some common myths, such as force feeding [the person] bread or forcing them to throw up. Our goal is to have one of these booklets in every residence hall room by Halloween.”

Finance Board decided to wait one week before funding the project, providing the group additional time to seek alternate sources of funding.