Now that you have a reason to use your new iStudiez Pro app to manage your class schedule, you should make sure your classes are as cool as your snazzy iPhone. True, it’s important to fulfill your general education requirements in a timely manner, but you can still do that with a light course load of outrageous and innovative classes. Read on to discover some of the courses this world-renowned institution has to offer.

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Students whose extra curricular activities include “getting it on” can apply their expertise outside of the bedroom in the Sociology Dept.’s series on human sexuality. As one of the university’s most popular and longest-running classes, Sociology 152 A-C squelches common myths associated with the taboo topic and teaches students how to express their sexuality in a healthy manner.

Professors Janice and John Baldwin cover topics such as pregnancy, sexual diseases and sexual orientation as well as controversial issues such as sex therapy and abortion.

Sociology 152A, which is a prerequisite for the other two courses in the series, is offered this fall and fulfills the Area D (Social Science) GE.

Already wet with excitement? It only gets better. The university offers a class more scandalous than a Jersey Shore episode — pornography. After you have taken advantage of what the Film & Media Studies Dept. has to offer and have studied everything from the Hollywood film industry to Japanese cinema, written a screenplay and shot a short film, why not give your mind and Mac a break by taking Film & Media Studies 150PG? The name may be deceptive but, trust me, the class is anything but PG.

If you’re physically exhausted, take a cuddle break with the Tales of Love series. French 50AX-BX-CX — which is taught in English — offers a historical and cultural analysis of literature on love and desire. Whether referring to the Bible’s Song of Songs or to Eros in modern theory, this class will bring out your inner lover. The fact that this course satisfies the Area E (Culture and Thought) GE, writing and European traditions requirements is just icing on the cake.

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You’ll certainly need your iPhone’s detailed trail maps if you plan on enrolling in UCBS’s geology field study classes. Although it isn’t open to freshmen, Geology 6- Mountains, Boots and Backpacks is ideal for nature lovers seeking a wilderness adventure. The four-unit course consists of a ten-day field study of the High Sierra in September just before Fall Quarter. Students investigate the faults, volcanoes, glaciers and rivers of the Sierra Nevada in addition to the surrounding mountains.

According to fourth-year anthropology major Heidi Diaz, the class provided an unmatched, hands-on learning experience.

“I think you learn much more easily when you’re actually in the natural environment,” Diaz said. “When you’re actually experiencing what you’re learning about, rather than sitting in a classroom and copying from the board… it’s easier to interact with your classmates and instructor. It’s also easier to retain the information because you’re more active than passive.”

This course requires a fee, but fulfills the Area C (Science), writing and quantitative relationships requirements.

Geology 18 offers a four to five day field trip during the middle of either Fall or Spring Quarter. The course allows students to survey the geology of California’s central coast, including the Big Sur region. Geology 19 includes a four-day trip to Yosemite Valley that allows students to explore the surface processes and glacial history of the geologically rich lower and upper valleys. Both of the one-unit courses are open to freshmen, require a course materials fee and can only be taken with a pass/no pass grading option.

If you still can’t get enough of this department, enroll in Geology 7 Fall Quarter to learn about the origin, evolution and anatomy of dinosaurs. This class also completes the Area C requirement.

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Embarrassed that you’re scoring low on “Words With Friends”? Then don’t neglect the university’s English Department, because you’ll become a master wordsmith in no time! One of the most significant differences between college and high school courses is the breath and depth of the subjects covered. Instead of taking an English class on the broad topic of English literature, you now have the opportunity to enroll in classes with a narrow scope. For instance, UCSB offers four courses and three seminars on Shakespeare. If you’re not a fan of the Immortal Bard, register for English 152A — Chaucer: Canterbury Tales or English 162 — Milton.

Instead of focusing on a particular author, there’s also the option of concentrating on a single genre. English 192 explores the historical and cultural development of science fiction, while English 193 covers detective fiction. So whether you’re interested in alternative timelines or who-done-its, UCSB has a course for you. All of the aforementioned classes meet the Area G (Literature) and writing requirements.

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UCSB boasts one of the best Religious Studies programs in the country. Aside from courses on Arabic, Hindi, Biblical Hebrew, Tibetan, Persian and Punjabi, the department also offers student favorites such as Religious Approaches to Death. Religious Studies 12 focuses on 20 world religions, detailing the traditions, practices and doctrines associated with death.

Those compelled by darker themes can also check out Religious Studies 41 for an in depth analysis of the role of heretical movements in religion. Other interesting classes include RG ST 19 — The Gods and Goddesses of India and RG ST 21 — Zen. Aside from, RG ST 41, all these courses fulfill the Area E requirement.

If you prefer the gods of antiquity, then Classics 40 is the perfect fit for you. The course — offered this fall — details Zeus’ sexual exploits, Perseus’ heroic deeds and Aphrodite’s mischievous ways and satisfies the Area G requirement.

Jennifer Brenes, a fourth-year sociology and Latin American and Iberian studies major, said the class enabled her to understand the universality of certain human emotions.

“It was interesting to see how some of those beliefs are still common today,” she said. “Like Medea’s love story … Even though we’re so many years apart, we’re still affected the same way.”

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As the only college in the nation that has its own beach, it is no surprise that UCSB offers a class on surfing. Geography 20 covers topics including the economics of the surf industry, territorialism and regional surf cultures. So right after you catch the perfect wave at the beach, you can head over to class to learn about wave generation and forecasting.

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Your iPhone will let you know the title and artist of every song you hear in one of the Music Dept.’s History of Music courses. Make sure to check out Music 112F for the history of music in Western civilization from 1870 to the present. Those with a little soul might enjoy prefer Black Studies 14. This history of jazz class will not only expand your musical taste, but satisfy the Area F Arts, writing and ethnicity requirements.

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With your phone as a U.S. waters marine chart, Exercise and Sports 1-7A-B, Boating and Sailing will be a walk in the park. Don’t overlook the department’s other adventurous half unit classes, including bowling, fencing, ballroom dance, tumbling and synchronized swimming. The classes — some of which require a fee — are available at both elementary and intermediate levels.

Although choosing courses can be a bit overwhelming, try to have fun with the process. Make sure to check if your classes of interest have any prerequisites and don’t be disheartened if a class is full. You can either crash the class on the first day in hopes of seats opening up or take it another quarter.