Popping out the gigantic campus map that your Orientation leader provided might help you find that soon-to-be routinely-skipped chemistry class, but let’s be real. You didn’t come to UCSB just to bury your head in books and ignore the sights and sounds the campus has to offer. With that in mind, the Daily Nexus staff has decided to create a guide to aid you in your quest for spots to fulfill your nonacademic needs.

1. Let’s start off with the most coveted spots on campus — the best places to have sex! You can’t go wrong with a cliché, so the beach is our top pick. Campus Point can be a very romantic location during the right time of day. The sand, tar and bugs might prove to be off-putting so make sure to bring a blanket and choose your spot wisely. Then again, maybe you’re into that kind of stuff.

Another highly lusted zone is the eighth floor of Davidson Library. The bookshelves can offer a private area for a short snack or study break. The adrenaline rush coupled with the rush of blood to your nether regions will quickly change your impression of the library.

2. We’ve covered one basic human need, now let’s discuss another. Instead of trekking all the way back to the dorms to nap during your one-hour break between classes, take advantage of the beautiful campus greenery. The luscious lawns across from the engineering, physical sciences and chemistry buildings are the ideal locations to rest your eyes.

3. All that napping and sexing is sure to leave you famished, so make sure stop by the Arbor for a snack. The store is conveniently located next to Davidson Library, so it’s the perfect stop to grab a Subway sandwich and vanilla latte to rejuvenate your body after studying.

If you’re close to Storke Tower or if you’re studying at the University Center, then the Corner Store is a prime choice. Aside from scrumptious pasta salads, the store also sells all the bin candy your heart could ever desire.

4. Make sure to take full advantage of your Dining Commons meal plans. You might tire of the food after the first couple of weeks, but you’ll be dreaming of that salad bar once you start living off campus. Carrillo is far from most of the dorms, but it’s worth the walk. Its menu is extensive and offers a greater variety of goodies, including a full self-serve deli, Mongolian barbeque, and soft serve ice cream.

5. The lawn behind the UCen is a prime location for lunch. Whether you grab fast food from the Hub or a pastry from Nicoletti’s, the serene spot facing the lagoon will surely enhance your eating experience.

6. Unfortunately, gluttony comes at a cost. You’ll eventually need to work off that weight if you don’t want to fall victim to the “Freshman 15”. You can exercise at the Recreation Center’s gym or, better yet, jog around campus to take in the scenic views. The cliffs around Campus Point and the lagoon are both perfect settings for an evening run.

7. Sunbathing is another popular pastime among the student body. The most convenient location is the exterior of your very own dorm. You can bask on the lawn or partake in a game of volleyball.

8. If you tire of the confines of your jail cell of a dorm room, head over to the UCen to lounge with friends. If there’s a game airing on television, the Hub is the ultimate spot. You can hang out with all your friends without feeling cramped and grab Panda Express or Wendy’s whenever you get the munchies.

9. We said this list would be purely recreational, but you need to devote at least some time to your studies in order to pass your classes and continue your leisurely pursuits. The Student Resource Building, UCen and your dorm lounge are all decent places to study, but the library reigns supreme. The fourth floor has study rooms if you’re cramming with a group. Students are allowed to speak quietly from the ground floor up to the fourth floor. Most floors provide numerous rooms that you can reserve in advance for study groups.

If you’re solo and can’t find an empty seat — a common dilemma during midterms and finals — or require complete silence to concentrate, the eighth floor is a better fit. The floor length windows, which offer a panoramic view of the Channel Islands, can act as a distraction if you need a break.

10. The library’s 24-hour study room will be your sanctuary when you’re cramming for exams. The main floors in Davidson Library close at midnight during the regular school year and at 2 a.m. during finals week. The room can be noisy, overcrowded and sweltering at times, but it’s the only location on campus that’s open the entire night.

We hope this manual will prove useful as you explore the campus over the years. Don’t rely too heavily on it though, the campus offers numerous gorgeous locations just waiting to be discovered.