Hottest Athletes

Male: Paul Roemer, Basketball

In a runaway vote, the female staffers at the Nexus named Paul Roemer the hottest male athlete. Roemer and Justin Joyner will most assuredly bro-bump on the news.

Honorable Mention:
David Walker, James Powell, Martin Hedevag, Nadim Houssain

Female: Bryanna Ojeda, Tennis

The Eds conferred, and for the second consecutive year a women’s tennis player takes the crown.  Nothing to say here, Ojeda’s a babe.

Honorable Mention:
Kasey Kipp, Gennelle Ives, Callie Mulgannon, Jordan Dockendorf

Best Names

Male: Russell Boring, Golf

His name is boring, and he plays golf. He certainly isn’t doing any favors for his sport’s reputation.

Female: Astrid Amsallem, Swimming

Alliteration always adds awesomeness, and Astrid Amsallem acts accordingly.

Most Conspicuous

Male: Greg Somogyi, Basketball

At 7’3”, it’s hard enough for Somogyi to blend in. He doesn’t help matters by riding the world’s tallest yellow bike.

Female: Mekia Valentine, Basketball

Somogyi’s counterpart on the women’s team, Valentine’s got the height and the hair to let her stick out in a crowd.

Best Facial Hair

All of Men’s Volleyball

Between the Iron Beard, the Menzel Muttenchops and the Slaughter ’Stache, there wasn’t a weak-link on this hair-happy squad.

Most Studious

Jordan Weiner, Men’s Basketball

Weiner is frequently spotted in real (not comm!) classes.

Most Badass

Anne Marie May, Women’s Swimming

With looks that can kill and muscles that can kill faster, Ms. Gaucho is a verifiable badass. For serious.

Best Interview

Julia Speace, Women’s Soccer

Julia “Sexpot” Speace waxes eloquent at all times. We’re not biased because she writes for us at all… ish.