I had the most incredible job on campus this year. I ran the best student-run, independent newspaper under Storke Tower. I worked with a hilarious and sassy editorial staff. I pissed a bunch of people off.

It was an impressive year for the Nexus. We redesigned the paper. We brought back the Friday edition. We finally boast a Web site that dates from this century. We wrote an incredible number of features and hard-hitting stories. Overall, we took names and kicked ass — five days a week.

It couldn’t have happened without my amazing staff/minions, and although they know I’m not the sentimental type, I’m happy to have the chance to thank them for toiling away with me in the underbelly that is Storke Tower.

Kelly O’Halloran, you managed it. I’m going to keep asking you to manage things, but don’t worry, you’re no longer required to.

Travis Miller: Tmill, you are the nicest douchebag I know, and it’s been a joy working and hanging out with you these past three years. And, you were right — it was about 30/70.

Alex Cooper, thank you for putting a cutout of Jimmy from “Degrassi” in a wheelchair on the front page. And for the beautiful redesign. You were the most valuable Nexite this year, and I could not imagine a better layout editor.

To my University news desk: Elliott Rosenfeld, Maane Khatchatourian and SF, you made me proud to be a Uni desk grad. Thanks for upholding the illustrious tradition of keeping tabs on A.S., and for writing impressive budget stories to the point of exhaustion.

Taylor Haggerty, Lexi Pandell and Evan Sherwood — County really excelled this year. You guys actually had a staff, and, even better, a ton of hard-hitting news. Blood above the fold? Thanks for a dream come true.

Allison Bailey and Evan Wagstaff — better known as the Opinion Dream Team — thanks for being the most award-winning desk on staff and for all the Mondays!

Nathan Houle, you were, quite simply, a Nexus god this year. Thanks for the fancy new site and all the good food!

Emelie Battaglia, you saved the paper from many an error and always made me laugh. You’re in the running for my favorite person ever.

To the rest of my amazing staff — thank you all for making the Nexus a damn good paper.

And, while these people may have been outside the newsroom, they proved to be invaluable to me this year. Much thanks to the EICs before me — Kaitlin Pike, Nick Dürnhöfer and David Ferry. You guys impressed the hell out of me over the years. Jerry Roberts, you’ve been an incredible resource. Thanks for the hilarious stories! To my professors in the History Dept. — especially Bernstein, Cohen, Drake and Talbott — thank you for a wonderful academic experience. Thanks also must go out to my amazing family and friends for listening to me rant about the Nexus for the past four years.

And, lastly, to Baby Nexus — remember that day I laughed in news meeting? You’ll be laughing this time next year, too.

Night, Nexus —
Mackenzie Weinger
Editor in Chief, 2009–10