UCSB student Holly Hayes and her father spun a total of $8,200 on last night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, landing the family duo in third place.

For the first half of the show Hayes, a fourth-year English major, and her father Mike landed the spinner on the “skip-a-turn” slot several times and failed to successfully complete any puzzles. However, things turned around for the pair once the second half of the show began.

Hayes said the team had a rough start.

“After the first half’s run of bad luck, we told ourselves ‘Come on! We have to win one!’” Hayes said.

After the boost in morale, Hayes and her father proceeded to win a total of three puzzles. Although Hayes said the feeling of success was indescribable, she said she found her short-lived game show fame a bit overwhelming.

“We filmed the whole day for about 12 hours,” Hayes said. “Three of those hours were spent in a classroom learning the rules of the game before we began taping. It’s so much harder than it looks.”

Although the duo did not leave victorious, Hayes said the show provided her with an indelible father-daughter experience.

“I was so happy we got to be on the show together,” Hayes said. “It was a real bonding experience. My whole family came to watch the show and it was a lot of fun.”