I want to express my support for Josh Lynn as the next District Attorney. I hired both candidates. I supervised both candidates. I monitored the careers of both. The clear choice is Josh Lynn.

Debating who has won the most cases, who has tried the most cases or who is the best trial lawyer adds nothing but hyperbole and the usual overstated campaign rhetoric to voters’ decision-making information. Both candidates are proven prosecutors and if that were the primary qualification, there are at least a half a dozen with equal prosecutorial credentials.
The District Attorney’s job entails more. It is foremost an administrative position that demands decision making on budgets, personnel, office supervision and collaborative community responsibilities.

In this respect, there is a clear separation between the qualifications and talents of the two candidates. Josh Lynn was promoted to Chief Trial Deputy after a competitive selection process. Ms. Dudley did not even apply and one of her most vocal supporters was not selected.

Josh Lynn is the only candidate who has both the trial and administrative experience to effectively run the District Attorney’s office and who has the unqualified support of the late District Attorney Christie Stanley, Assistant DAs Pat McKinley, Gene Martinez, Eric Hanson and myself. This 160 years of collective prosecutorial and management experience supports Josh Lynn, because he possesses the character, experience and good judgment to lead the District Attorney’s office now and in the future.