Aside from the normal amount of alcohol-related crimes, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol dealt with an unusually high number of thefts this weekend.

Isla Vista Foot Patrol Deputy Freddy Padilla said most of the burglaries involved thieves entering through unlocked doors. The first theft was Friday, May 7 when five laptops were stolen from a residence on the 6500 block of Picasso Road.

“The suspect entered into the unlocked house,” Padilla said. “I don’t believe it. These kids need to lock their doors and windows.”

Several other laptops were stolen throughout the weekend. A computer was stolen from a residence on the 6700 block of Abrego Road on Saturday afternoon and two laptops were stolen from a parked car on Estero Road later that evening.

On Friday afternoon another theft occurred when a suspect entered an unlocked car on the 6700 block Sabado Tarde Road and stole a laptop computer and a TomTom navigation device.

Vandals also targeted a number of parked cars this weekend.

Foot Patrol deputies were called to the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde Road when an unknown suspect shattered the window of a young woman’s vehicle. Deputies also noted several reports of smashed side-view mirrors.

Isla Vista Foot Patrol deputies issued eight citations for public intoxication, in addition to 17 citations for minors in possession of alcohol and possession of open containers in public.

Despite the alcohol-related crimes and high amount of thefts over the weekend, Deputy Freddy Padilla said no life-threatening incidents took place.

“There were no violent crimes, nothing outrageous and, thankfully, no sexual assaults this weekend,” Padilla said. “I just hope that these kids lock their cars and houses and keep their valuables out of plain sight.”