The Campus Elections Commission will consider a request for a revote on the Intercollegiate Athletic Scholarships Fee following its rejection in the Spring election.

A group of student athletes recently issued a formal complaint to Chancellor Henry T. Yang and the university Campus Elections Commission, demanding a revote on the failed lock-in fee. According to the letter, the election ballot had incorrectly stated that the ICA fee was originally approved in 2002 when it was actually passed in 1998. The fee — which failed to pass by only 11 votes — was the only measure on the ballot to be voted down.

The measure would have required undergraduate students to pay a mandatory, quarterly fee of $9.00 — excluding Summer — to fund existing NCAA athletic scholarships for UCSB student athletes.

Doug Whichard, a third-year cross country and track athlete, said the misleading publication error may have been responsible for the fee’s rejection. The referendum, which had been in place for the past 12 years, was approved on three occasions in 1998, 2002 and 2006.

“The phrase is not only false — the referendum was originally passed in 1998 — but was not part of the ballot the past two times it was reaffirmed,” Whichard said. “Basically, it was reaffirmed without that phrase twice and the only time it failed was when that erroneous phrase was added.”

The CEC will meet at 1 p.m. today to discuss the complaint regarding the incorrect wording.

Whichard said the fee’s continual reaffirmation since its original passing in 1998 was a testament to its importance.

“There is no way to prove that the incorrect statement on the ballot did not affect the outcome of the vote,” Whichard said. “Students could have read the ballot, seen that it said it was established in 2002 and thought, ‘Oh, that wasn’t very long ago, this fee was only reaffirmed one time,’ and voted no.”

Scholarships previously funded by this lock-in fee were distributed equally by the Intercollegiate Athletic director and the Student Athletic Advisory Board.