The Associated Students Finance Board allotted $15,746 to 12 student organizations during last night’s nearly three hour meeting.

The board began their meeting by addressing their dwindling spring unallocated budget, which tallied to $25,879 at the start of the evening. After doling out $3,799, members voted to augment their funds by reallocating $13,000 of unused money from the student organization start-up fund into their spring budget. After being approached by a number of student organizations for funding and distributing $3,750 from other A.S. funds, the board meeting concluded with $23,084 left in the spring unallocated budget.

Student Advocates for Healthy Living in Underserved Demo-graphics, a UCSB student organization that practices hands-on philanthropy, came to the board seeking funding to provide medical care and assistance to impoverished villages in Ecuador.

Board members debated funding the group on a six-week trip assisting volunteer doctors in five Ecuadorian villages. Several board members brought up their November allocation of $9,800 to the Environmental Affairs Board for a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark for a global climate conference.

“Just because we made this mistake once, does not mean we need to make it again,” board member Alexandra Onodera said. “If their whole purpose is just to educate, then we should fund that.”

Board member Anne Dixon said she disagreed with SAHLUD’s summer departure dates.

“I do not think that we should fund them anything,” Dixon said. “It is going to be during the summer, and if they bring anything back [to campus] it is going to be next year, and I do not think that we should use this year’s money for next year’s event.”

The board followed suit with board member Raul A. Martinez’s suggestion to fund only educational materials.

The board voted to allocate $1,345 to SAHLUD, out of the $6,520 they requested.

A UCSB a cappela troupe, Brothas From Otha Mothas came to the Board stumping for one of their spring events.

According to group president Aaron Bullard, Brothas From Otha Mothas has a spring concert planned and needs funding for the second portion of the event. Bullard, a third-year music major, said the second event would provide a social opportunity to meet the singing students.

“The Spring Concert is two events, the concert and the social after, like an after party,” Bullard said.

Board member Bennett Duval voiced concerns about why the singing group would put on an after party and who would benefit from it.

“This is self-promotion at its greatest,” Duval said. “They told us that it is about getting people to come and talk to them and get them to join their group.”

After discussion, the board allocated no funds to Brothas From Otha Mothas.

The board voted to fully fund requests from Focus Media Journal, Indus, Colleges Against Cancer and the UCSB Cycling Team, while voting to partially fund requests from SAHLUD, CalPIRG, Engineers Without Borders, Black Pioneers Renaissance Organization, Dance and Fine Arts Collective, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., EOP Mentors and Inner Greek Council.