The University of California’s satellite program in Sacramento, which was closed last fall due to budget issues, will be reopening some of its programs starting this summer.

The UC Center Sacramento announced the reopening of its journalism program for summer 2010 and its policy program in fall 2010 at a news conference held yesterday. Created in 2003, UCCS has focused on educating UC undergraduates on public policy, offering internship programs to students system wide. In yesterday’s meeting, speakers highlighted changes in the policy program that would cut costs and thus allow for its continuation.

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi said UCCS programs teach students the inner workings of government operations. Katehi went on to commend the UCCS faculty, staff and students, who in the face of extreme budget cuts, worked to keep the program alive.

“I am very thankful to the team that took it on as a challenge to reconsider the center, keep the mission, but also look at the opportunity to rally it at a much lower cost,” Katehi said.

Tom Torlakson, who represents the 11th District in the State Assembly, said the program should be praised for its success in educating and motivating young intellectuals.

“We so much value the young people you bring to us with their energy, their vision, their sense of service,” Torlakson said at the conference. “I stand here to say thanks on behalf of the legislature.”

Torlakson went on to introduce alumni of the program to the audience, who spoke at the conference to highlight the impact UCCS had in helping them attain jobs out of college.

UCSD graduate Nina Kippur spoke of the program’s fundamental role in landing her a place in the professional world.

“[Tom] mentioned folks that were catapulted into public policy, and I’m one of those folks,” Kippur said. “My work on that committee gave me an opportunity to be exposed to the major issues our state is facing. I really do owe my experience through this program to getting into the senate fellows program [on energy policy].”