Picking this article (“Liberal Reformers Refuse to Regulate Culprit of Crisis,” April 27, 2010) apart in detail would be a heinous and ultimately pointless waste of time, but really? You have a serious disconnect with reality man. Listen: what makes capitalism the most effective production system known to man lies in its alignment with human nature (mainly the negative parts, i.e. greed and general self-interest). There is no morality to capitalism, merely the pursuit of profits. Is it really impossible for you to believe that sometimes the best way to make a profit runs contrary to the interests of society and the greater good? Your naïveté is striking and your willful ignorance depressing. It was steady regulatory changes (read: deregulation) over the past three decades which allowed these institutions to engage in the practices which ended in the financial crisis and bailouts for “too-big-to-fail” firms. To say that it was regulation and government interference that caused the financial crisis, that completely unregulated business (financial and otherwise) is what will protect America from the rapacious greed of companies who sold out the entire system for good quarterly earnings… Wow. It’s insane.

Nexus, can you please get someone who can actually discuss these issues like adults? The left-said right-said feature is downright embarrassing most of the time, on both sides. The state of discourse in this country is appalling and upper education should at least try to set the bar. This is a college campus; we can do better than this.