The 2010 Associated Students election concluded yesterday, yielding a diverse executive board with candidates from each of the three campus parties.

Although the Open People’s Party garnered the most positions overall with 13 of the 29 available slots for office, Bettering Our School System — one of this year’s two new political parties — trailed close behind with 10 positions. The Democratic Process Party won five seats, including the coveted presidential post.

Next year’s A.S. executive office will consist of President Paul Monge-Rodriguez (DPP), Internal Vice President Jake Elwood (OPP), External Vice President of Local Affairs Cori Lantz (OPP), External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Doug Wagoner (B.O.S.S.) and Student Advocate General Harrison Weber.

All five execs will receive free tuition — funded by student fees — for the duration of their one-year term.

This year, 7,431 undergraduates — or 40.71 percent — cast their vote, the largest turnout in years. Furthermore, both A.S. fee reaffirmations and the new Isla Vista Arts fee were approved. The results regarding the six other campus-wide reaffirmations and four new fees will be released shortly.

The tension in the MultiCultural Center was palpable as the candidates waited eagerly for the announcement of next year’s elected officials. While the newly-elected executive officers exploded with joy, other students burst into tears, stormed out of the room and had to be carried away by their peers, kicking and screaming.

President-elect Monge-Rodriguez, who garnered 53.3 percent of the vote, teared as his name appeared on screen. While his party claimed only a handful of seats, Monge-Rodriguez said he was elated that DPP challenged the status quo.

“This DP Party started with an idea that we can make our A.S. a democratic space — a place where everyone belongs,” Monge-Rodriguez said. “I’m proud to see that UCSB believed this idea along with us.”

Newly-elected EVPSA Doug Wagoner said he was overjoyed by the students’ support of him in the election.

“I’m speechless,” Wagoner said. “I’m incredibly thankful to all the students who voted for me. I’m humbled by their support, and I’m excited to start working for all of the students I have been elected to serve. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Despite his selection as one of the 12 Off-Campus Representatives, Fabian Gallardo (OPP) said he felt students elected the wrong candidate for EVPSA.

“I feel like the results were fair,” Gallardo said. “Students voted on the issues. The External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Doug has no experience with the office. That really pisses me off. … I think [OPP] did pretty well, considering that the students and administration were against you.”

Future EVPLA Lantz said she was overwhelmed by her victory but saddened by OPP’s results.

“I’m torn,” Lantz said. “I’m so happy that I won, but I don’t even know who the heck else won. … I’m so sad because half of the party didn’t. I’m so proud that we knocked on like 95 percent of the doors in I.V. this week.”

Lantz’s competitor Ahmed Naguib (B.O.S.S.), meanwhile, said he hopes the students who lost won’t be jaded by their experience.

“Supposedly this election will create a whole new future for A.S.” he said. “I encourage the people who lost to stay involved. All it does for us and our natural leadership is open new doors that are closed. When doors are closed, that challenges us to open new ones.”

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