Associated Students Legislative Council members passed several bills during their five-hour meeting last night.

The council spent much of its time debating incorporating the Human Rights Council into A.S. Additionally, the council heard public complaints about A.S. funding practices.

Students flooded the meeting in support of a bill establishing the HRC as an entity overseen and funded by A.S. Council members said their main concern was the possibility that the HRC was primarily interested in squeezing money out of A.S. coffers. On-campus Representative Jasmine Davenport, however, said that was unlikely.

“This isn’t a grand scheme to get money,” she said.

Members of the council eventually passed the bill to incorporate the HRC — now dubbed the Human Rights Board — into A.S.

Later in the meeting, several student groups complained about the lack of funding for their events. Queer Student Union Political Chair Urvi Nagrani said A.S. denied the group critical funding.

“We’ve only gotten funding once this year, and that was for our musical event,” Nagrani said. “We did not receive funds to educate students about the queer community.”

The council then debated providing QSU and its affiliates with an additional $7,656 to fund its Queer Pride Week event in May. Some members were hesitant, citing concerns over their dwindling unallocated budget.

Other members said the event was worth the cost and, ultimately, the QSU received full funding.

Meanwhile, A.S. President Charlie Arreola passed around a tentative budget for next year, sparking concern from several members regarding the creation of two new part-time positions for A.S. graduates.

“There’s no job description. I don’t think we should allocate money without one,” Off-campus Rep Fabian Gallardo said.

Internal Vice President Chris Wendle, however, said the A.S. staff had been talking about the creation of the two new part-time jobs for quite some time.

The council tabled the bill until next week.