A “YES” vote for the reaffirmation of the $1.25 student fee for the EOP Emergency Grant is of utmost importance.

EOP is a free, all-inclusive student affairs program that strives to help students succeed at UCSB. They provide free career and academic counseling, cultural programs and a home away from home for many UCSB students. EOP Emergency Grants are given to qualified EOP students that need funding for unexpected grievances such as medical bills, text book help and grad school applications. Without this vital part of EOP, many EOP students would be forced to seek additional funds elsewhere. This would require additional time and energy searching for other sources of funding. EOP grants have always been inviting to those who need it most at the most critical of times. The continuation of this fee is incredibly critical, especially during this time of the statewide financial budget crisis. With increasing fees and standard of living in Santa Barbara, the EOP Emergency Grant will help students during this very stressful period of being a student at the UC. The EOP Emergency Grant puts our students at ease, simply from the fact that they know that aside from their academic, extracurricular and mental stress that EOP helps ease, EOP also helps with their financial stress as well.

Please vote YES for the EOP affirmation, as it is also a YES for future successful college students to come.