-Run Legislative Council meetings and monitor all internal affairs
-Advise the President and Legislative Council
-Hold a forum once per quarter in front of the UCen

-Maximum honorarium of $400 per quarter
-Full payment of university-assessed fees for term of office.

Andrew “Jake” Elwood is the Nexus’ choice for internal vice president. As a current member of Legislative Council, Elwood has experience with the inner workings of A.S., a vital skill for this position. He knows the proper procedure to conduct business in A.S. and is comfortable making decisions. While his plans to expand the IVP office and add a smartboard to meetings miss the mark, his leadership would help A.S. run more smoothly.

His competitor, B.O.S.S.’s Marjan “Marge” Riazi, has no idea what office she is running for. During her interview, she focused heavily on skateboarding at the expense of discussing internal affairs. A key role of the IVP is running Legislative Council meetings, but Riazi has only attended two entire meetings this year. The IVP must be intimately familiar with rules and regulations of parliamentary procedure, but Riazi was unaware closed meetings (a particularly hot issue covered by the Nexus in recent months) must follow a specific protocol. As our choice of IVP, Elwood is knowledgeable on these issues and best prepared to fill this position.