Associated Students Legislative Council members tabled almost every bill brought up during their brief two-hour meeting last night.

Council members discussed changes to the spring election ballot and debated a number of topics, including whether the hourly wage rate for A.S. summer interns should be increased and if the Human Rights Group at UCSB should become A.S. affiliated.

The first item proposed to the council last night regarded spring election ballot procedures. Several council members said next year’s Legislative Council should draft and approve the election ballot much earlier than this year’s council did. This quarter’s ballot received approval only last week.

Off-Campus Representative Abby Cordova said she was concerned about how last minute ballot preparations were.

“I’m thinking that we should meet up with the new legislative council during the summer and see if they want to work on restructuring the election bylaws, and make them clearer,” she said.

After discussion, the council passed a bill requiring a more proper schedule for spring election ballot considerations.

Meanwhile, members briefly discussed whether or not to change the hourly rate for A.S. summer internships.

Although Off-Campus Rep Stanley Tzankov dismissed council apprehension that a bill changing the rates could actually lower the pay rates for some internships, many members were still concerned. After taking member uneasiness into consideration, Internal Vice President Chris Wendle tabled the bill.

Representative-at-Large Brian Mays then asked the council if they would be willing to pass a bill allocating $3,900 to UCSB’s Black Graduation program using money from the A.S. Rally Committee. On Monday, A.S. Finance Board allocated $4,382 to the organization.

Rep-at-Large Mike Hewitt said the committee’s chair should be informed of the decision first.

“I don’t know if we want to take more out of [the Rally Committee] budget without telling the chair,” he said.

Off-Campus Rep Veronica Smith disagreed with Hewitt and said the program would be an appropriate place to allocate the funds.

“They are asking for money to promote publicity,” she said. “That is the whole goal of the Rally Committee — to promote what the school is doing.”

The council tabled the bill.

The final discussion of this week’s brief meeting centered on a bill addressing the Human Rights Group’s request to become an A.S.-funded entity. Several members said they thought that the group’s main incentive in becoming a part of A.S. was fueled by monetary incentives.

Off-Campus Rep Jasmine Davenport, however, said the assumption was unfair.

“They’ve already done work without the money and prestige, and will continue to do work promoting human rights regardless of being in A.S. or not,” she said.

The council tabled this proposal.