The Isla Vista Foot Patrol handled a deluge of Floatopia-related crime this weekend, responding to thefts, medical emergencies and alcohol violations.

The Foot Patrol was particularly busy Saturday patrolling I.V. as Floatopia, which attracted roughly 8,000 revelers, raged all day. Authorities arrested one UCSB student Saturday afternoon after deputies spotted the intoxicated male driving a stolen golf cart down the 6700 block of Del Playa Drive.

“A deputy had observed him driving a golf cart on Del Playa Saturday, and recognized that it belonged to a golf course,” IVFP Lieutenant Brian Olmstead said.

The offender is scheduled to appear in court today.

In addition to thefts, authorities also dealt with a sizable spike in alcohol-related crimes. Friday night saw a total of 39 arrests and 82 citations, with 24 of the arrests being for public intoxication. Saturday saw a comparable number of arrests, with 31, and considerably more citations, with 139 issued over the course of the day.

Two men arrested for public intoxication also faced added charges.

According to Deputy Freddy Padilla, one suspect spit on an officer during the arrest and the other suspect kicked the assisting officer. The two males were taken to jail for public intoxication and charges of assaulting police officers.

The Sheriff’s Dept. deployed extra deputies and law enforcement officials from other agencies to enforce county laws during the event. Roughly 59 officers patrolled Isla Vista, enforcing a county-ordered closure of the beaches along Del Playa Drive and campus.

The beaches were closed from Saturday morning to approximately 7:30 p.m., meaning the party-goers flocked to Del Playa instead.

Deputy Padilla said students and visitors respected the beach barricades.

“Surprisingly, we didn’t have any problems with people trying to get to the beach,” Padilla said.

Twelve people were transported to local hospitals for medical treatment over the weekend. None of the injuries, deputies said, were caused by violent crime.

“There were no serious crimes like stabbings,” Padilla said. “This is something really great. The majority of crimes were typical public intoxications and other alcohol-related offenses.”

Authorities rounded out the weekend with a medical emergency Sunday morning, after a UCSB student under the influence of ecstasy attracted the attention of police.

According to Padilla, deputies spotted the male suspect on the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde Road throwing his furniture out of a window and into the neighboring parking lot.

“The male was up all night during the Floatopia festivities,” Padilla said. “When deputies contacted him, he slipped and fell on his bong, and the broken glass punctured his knee.”

The male was taken to a local hospital and given 20 stitches before being transferred to jail.