Floatopia may be shut down due to rumors of a “sea monster” roaming local waters.

The Isla Vista Foot Patrol received multiple calls over Spring Break from beachgoers and surfers reporting sightings of the beast. Officials said they were hesitant to release information on the creature before determining its exact identity, but changed their minds due to public safety concerns.

According to IVFP Sgt. Ray Kreeni, some callers reported that the aquatic prowler resembled Third District Supervisor Doreen Farr, while others contended that it looked more like Ursula from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Kreeni said many of the students believe this is yet another ploy from the county supervisors to stop Floatopia.

“A few people called in because they thought that Farr had gone out for a dip and was struggling in the surf, but we don’t know exactly what we’re dealing with yet,” Kreeni said. “Some students think this is a prank to stop Floatopia, but we have to take this very seriously. We are strongly encouraging students to stay out of the water and off the beaches.”

Fifth-year psychology major Riley Caslow saw the creature while surfing last Saturday.

“So, like, I was on this totally gnarly wave and then I looked over and thought, ‘Woahhh, dude, Doreen Farr surfs?’ And I was like, ‘Nah, brah. Something’s not right with this.’ That’s when I saw the tentacle. Dude, it was wack.”

Sixth District Supervisor Richard Swett refused to comment on the supervisors’ involvement with the sea creature.

“All I know is that, if this is what it takes to stop Floatopia, maybe it’s for the best,” Swett said. “Not that I’m saying that we have anything to do with it. Because we don’t. But if the fear of being mangled and drowned by a treacherous, mystical creature stops Floatopia, I certainly won’t complain.”

The IVFP has posted signs on all beach entrances warning beachgoers of the unusual activity.

According to Kreeni, police spotted Pirate yesterday afternoon at Campus Point with a harpoon in his hand. He was detained shortly thereafter.

The Coastal Fund — which formerly disapproved of Floatopia due to the negative environmental impacts of the 2009 event — is now asking students to respect the life and dignity of the sea monster. In an attempt to derail the event, Coastal Fund board member Autumn Lovegrove created a Facebook event entitled “Landtopia 2010.”

“We ask that students try not to disturb the sea creature,” Lovegrove said. “We hope that we can encourage land-based activities that can be easily cleaned up.”

As of press time, Supervisor Farr could not be reached for comment.