Forget everything you ever thought you knew about genre, ladies and gentlemen: Quantum States’ newest album, The Superposition of Sound, will unravel the categories that provide the framework for our musical ‘verse.

The band’s latest collaboration reflects its continual expansion, and is hailed as being much more coherent than the band’s out-dated debut album. Titled Classical Mechanics, music reviewers such as Heisenberg and Bohr claim Quantum States’ first effort was too straightforward and predictable to appeal to listeners on any level deeper than that which meets the ear.

In the group’s early days, the band members bumped into each other in continental Europe during the musical era called the Big Bang, named for its remarkably high energy, generated by collisions between artists from various backgrounds.

Brothers Jack and Jim Baryon (on bass and guitar, respectively) joined their friends Isaac and Alex Meson (wailing on the double drums) to form the nucleus of the band, while frontman K-Bar alternates between singing and spinning the ‘tables.

It is the presence of mix jockey K-Bar that gives the band its unique sound. His chaotic combinations confront listeners with a certain level of uncertainty — the audience never knows exactly what it is listening to. While experiencing the album, it is possible only to feel the intense energy of the song, rather than to be able to classify it as communicating any sort of meaning or purpose.

This slippery nature of Quantum States makes genre impossible to pinpoint. It is as if the wave function of the notes collapses into a helter-skelter mess, then spontaneously harmonizes into something more beautiful than could ever have been consciously intended.

The song “Particle 010” exemplifies this strange polarity of sound: It starts off with a train wreck of scratching discord, only to resolve itself into an orbital euphony that is all the more appreciated for the pandemonium that came before it.

After the album’s release this week, the popularity of The Quantum States has spread faster than the speed of sound. The eclectic nature of the collaboration provokes varied interpretations and reactions among listeners.

However, chaotic as the lineup may be, there is a distinct harmony resonating throughout the album, entangling the songs together in a beautiful symphony of universal reverberation. This perfection is reflected in the charts, as Superposition of Sound breaks sonic barriers and crowns the top-10s in all genres, including pop, rock, R&B, country and classical.

While listening to the album, my favorite song, “Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange, Charm,” seemed to vibrate through all the particles in my body. It is as if the combination of the strings of the Baryons and the backbone of the Meson brothers were orchestrated by K-Bar into some quasi-religious theory of everything. Let me tell you, my friends, this song will communicate with you on a subatomic level in such a way that it will feel like it constitutes everything you ever have and ever will consist of.

Don’t miss out on the album that’s defining our generation. Take a listen to the sweet sounds of The Quantum States, and experience the groovy tunes that are resonating through this plane of being that we all share.