A Sobering Center for Isla Vista is a great idea. In the early ’90s, SBPD Officer Mike Aspland and I developed and implemented the Santa Barbara Sobering Center. I know from experience what it takes to get a concept like this implemented.

I applaud Josh Lynn for moving forward with a center in Isla Vista. It’s a great idea on several different levels. It will save and protect our young people, save taxpayers’ dollars and keep Sheriff’s deputies in the street.

That Joyce Dudley now tries to take credit for this idea is both sad and telling. If she thought of this idea years ago as stated, why did she not act on it? Mr. Lynn, in the span of four weeks, was able to get approval from student groups, the UCSB Police Chief and others. If Ms. Dudley came up with an original idea, would she be effective in implementing the project through to completion? By her own words, Ms. Dudley says she had the idea, but nothing ever came of it in the way of implementation.

I know Josh Lynn to be honest and he will get the job done.