Thunderdome-rocking, opponent-crushing tulips to UCSB’s men’s basketball team for getting the top seed in the Big West. Gooooooooo Gauchos!

Cheap, delicious tulips to Chino’s Rock & Tacos for proving I.V.’s Mexican restaurant market wasn’t as oversaturated as we all thought.

Reasonable, semi-riled tulips to the peaceful protestors on March 4. Thanks for not breaking anything, guys.

Red, white and blue tulips to Team USA for topping the medal count in Vancouver! We still don’t really understand how “Nordic Combined” works, but at least we’re the best at it.

Shocked, sick-to-your-stomach turds to racist displays at other UC campuses. Bigotry is so 50 years ago.

Condescending, dishonest turds to Associated Students for a disgusting lack of transparency throughout the quarter. Why be so secretive if you’ve got nothing to hide?

Impoverished turds to the College of Letters and Science’s $2.50 per unit “technology initiative fee.” Because that 30 percent tuition hike just really wasn’t cutting deep enough.

Sad, cotton-mouthed turds to the Marley House paint job. We’ll miss you, Bob.