The Isla Vista parks board nearly granted a name to a large open space on Del Playa Drive last week, after 23 community members voted for their preferences in an online poll.

The Isla Vista Recreation and Park District gave voters a choice between eight possible names for the open space, which is located at the intersection of Del Playa Drive and Camino Lindo. According to the IVRPD Web site, “Endless Summer Open Space” tied for first place with “Camino Lindo Open Space.” District general manager Paul LeSage said the area is currently called Del Playa Open Space as a temporary title until the board officially votes.

According to LeSage, the area is called an open space because it does not fit the definition of a park.

“A lot of our parks don’t have irrigation, and that was a conscious decision made by a previous board, primarily for water conservation,” he said. “It’s hard to gain a park-like look without irrigation; you would expect some lawn or some flowers, things that take water. They’re really better named open spaces than parks.”

Voters chose from eight possible names for the park, including Vernal Pool Paradise Open Space, Vernal Pool View Open Space and Inspiration Bluff Open Space.

Second-year history and sociology major N’Shelle Herring said she preferred the latter name.

“Of all the names, I am most gravitated to Inspiration Bluff Open Space,” Herring said. “I like it because whenever I pass by this space on DP I am lost in the beauty of the scenery and it takes my thoughts to endless amounts of inspiring, creative thoughts.”

Sydney Nieminen, a second-year global studies major, however, rejected the idea of naming the space at all.

“I don’t like any of [the names],” she said. “I like the idea of people calling the space whatever they please.”