In the article, the resolution was actually to condemn, not support, the actions of the “Irvine 11.” The Nexus regrets this error.

During last night’s four-hour meeting, the Associated Students Legislative Council disputed whether or not A.S. should take a stance on the controversy surrounding a group of UC Irvine students facing expulsion.

On Feb. 8, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren spoke at a free public lecture at UCI. In the midst of his talk, however, a group of audience members stood and shouted one at a time in an effort to drown out his speech. The 11 students — known as the “Irvine 11” — were arrested and are currently facing expulsion from the university. After a lengthy discussion, council members ultimately decided to reject a resolution condemning actions of the group of Anteaters.

Off-campus Representative Jamie Silverstein said there are other means of promoting free speech than by taking a stance on what happened at Irvine.

“This is a bill that shouldn’t have even been brought in,” Silverstein said. “It is completely divisive. Our goal shouldn’t be to pass bills that will divide the students, but rather to pass bills that will be constructive.”

Representative-at-large Josue Aparicio also said he feared polarizing a group of students.

However, Off-campus Rep-resentative Adam Goldman was one of the two students who urged the council to approve the resolution.

“I personally feel it’s necessary to take a political stand,” Goldman said. “We’re students and we have to look out for students.”

Moreover, the board passed a resolution to suggest that the UCSB College Republicans rework the questioning procedure at tonight’s Karl Rove lecture in Campbell Hall. Instead of submitting questions online to be screened by a non-partisan group, the council said it hopes to encourage a more open form of discussion.

Off-campus Representative Tim Benson said this proposition was clearly communicated to the event organizers when they sought money from the council several weeks ago.

“We were clear when we spoke to the College Republicans earlier in the month that we wanted there to be a dialogue with Rove,” Benson said. “This resolution also sets the stage for future speakers who come to our campus.”

Lastly, the council announced the final results of various A.S. Haiti relief efforts. After matching the total amount of money collected by various groups, A.S. will send $49,669.96 to Direct Relief International and the Lambi Fund.