Anyone who’s ever eyed a bike at the Community Service Organization impound lot can bid on the two-wheeler of their dreams at an auction today from 12 to 2 p.m.

The silent auction — which will take place in Lot 29, the former Associated Students bike lot behind the Humanities and Social Sciences Building — will feature 20 impounded bikes that have been housed longer than the CSO’s maximum hold period.

Head Bicycle Program CSO Michael Strack, a fourth-year electrical engineering major, said the event will not consist of a “free-for-all.”

“The bikes start at a minimum of $30 and the bidding goes up in increments of $5, so they shouldn’t be that expensive,” Strack said.

Concerning the legality and overall fairness of the auction, Strack said selling student property back to them or other students is completely legal.

“The rule is, we hold bikes for 90 days,” Strack said. “If no one comes back for them, they become UCPD property.”

Because biking is such a popular means of transportation on campus, the event has generated a lot of attention, especially from students who have had their bikes lost, impounded or stolen.

Brooke Roehrick, a third-year communications major, said she will attend the auction precisely because her bike was stolen on Del Playa Drive during the Fourth of July weekend.

“I’m excited about the auction because I feel like it’s a good opportunity for students who don’t have enough money to buy a bike to be able to get one, and I’m kind of getting sick of walking to classes all the time,” Roehrick said.

Aside from giving students the opportunity to purchase a used bicycle for a modest price, Strack said the silent auction should also be an entertaining event.