The Hub is about to get funky. The underground hip hop prodigy stopping at UCSB tonight is a man of many profiles, the more notable of which include Hieroglyphics frontman, Gorillaz ghost rapper and master of the year 3030. But no matter how you know him, one thing is for certain: Del Tha Funkee Homosapien has the flow to put on a show.

Known to break off into freestyle without discretion, Del should keep the fans on their feet with a hip hop portfolio spanning two full decades. Though he will be sure to sample hits off Hiero’s 1998 album 3rd Eye Vision and 2003’s Full Circle album, attendees should also be treated to his more recent tunes from the 2008 LP, Eleventh Hour. The single “Workin’ It” off his latest album put Del back on the map following an eight-year hiatus from solo work in studio.

While the 2009 efforts of the Oakland, Calif. native include independent online albums, a collaboration with New Jersey emcee Tame One and several customary guest spots, the Funk Man should have a trip to the future in store for tonight as classics from his Deltron 3030 album have historically been featured in his live performances.
No matter what joints he pulls up, or how many joints he lights up, Del has the mic skills and stage presence to make this one of the better hip-hop acts ever to hit the Hub. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. with up-and-comer Intuition penciled in as the opener.