CALPIRG members are collecting student pledges this week as they scramble to keep UCSB’s chapter alive.

In order to maintain its status as one of 10 active chapters in the state, the organization must gather signatures from at least 20 percent of the student body by the end of the quarter. As of last week, the group had collected 350 of the 1,500 signatures they need for Winter Quarter. If the campus chapter is unable to garner the 1,150 additional pledges required, UCSB’s CALPIRG will have to make up its signature deficit Spring Quarter in order to maintain its active status on campus.

Student pledges are charged directly to BARC accounts for $5 every quarter after a student signs up for CALPIRG. The money supports the organization’s campaigns to promote issues such as environmental protection, consumer protection and assistance for the hungry and homeless. CALPIRG campus coordinator Cliff Whitlock said those who pledge are promoting a good cause.

“It lets the students become more involved with their community and work towards social change,” Whitlock said.

Moreover, Sarah Hemmert, a third-year fine arts major, said becoming part of CALPIRG is a rewarding experience.

“It really gives the students free reign to generate ideas and events for the campus,” Hemmert said.

Each CALPIRG member is asked to volunteer at least 15 hours during “pledge week” in order to attain the pledge quota needed to keep the chapter running.

Baele Johandes, a second-year German and business economics major, said all students can spare $5 for the important causes the organization supports.

“If they get anything done that helps us, it’s worth the $5,” Johandes said. “They made it cheap enough that it’s hard to say no to.”

CALPIRG is one of the organizations hosting a Haiti Relief Concert tomorrow night at 9 in Storke Plaza. The organization will also host other campus events this quarter, including a green building tour, a blackout fundraising event, an affordable education rally and beach cleanup opportunities.