This Associated Students “Villa-gate” scandal is not an issue of individual immaturity, as Sarah Mack assumes — I don’t care about the drinking habits of my arbitrarily elected officials. Nor is it, as Michael Young — true to out-of-touch administrative form — suggests, some sweeping condemnation of the campus culture he and his authoritarian colleagues have so long tried to quash (I invoke here the shrieking lunacy provoked by the mere hint of Floatopia Two). The “certain kinds of behavior” he cites are the truest forms of self-expression allowed to students. No, this is an issue of perception.

Maybe this concept is lost on the Student Body President motherfuckers who actually want to “get involved,” but not everything is a social club. Associated Students is literally the governing body of this campus, inasmuch as it holds the power over our collective purse, and for it to act as though student fees are merely membership dues, to be squandered on whatever shiny object strikes their fancy, is unacceptable. For them to now shut out public oversight and rely on their chummy relationships with administrative higher-ups to save them is absolutely criminal.

I do not ask that everyone pretend this is a serious issue — because nothing on this campus is serious in the least — but there was actual wrongdoing, and I want someone to burn for it. Charlie Arreola, why don’t you lead the way and step the fuck down? Nothing personal, bro — call it the Nixon effect.