The ongoing scandal over Associated Students’ alleged use of student fees to fund a raucous weekend retreat has provoked quite a response on the internet. In addition to the Facebook group “Hold Associated Students accountable for their actions!!!” boasting over 1,100 members at press time, UCSB community members on both sides of the issue have been having a field day on the Nexus’ online comment board.

Take, for example, the following thread, pulled verbatim from the comments on Wednesday’s article, “A.S. Allegedly Trashes Weekend Retreat Villa” (Daily Nexus, Feb. 3, 2010).

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Waste of money

To think my student fees went to these bunch of clowns.

– dliu

Waste of Newspaper

To think that the Nexus is also funded by student dollars and has nothing better to report on than this trash… I think it’s all an incredible inefficiency of student dollar use– we need a restructuring of our campus and society if this our ONLY newspaper on campus focuses so much of the student dollars that go into it on something as petty and attention grabbing as this.

– leftoneright

Waste of money

1) This is a legitimate problem, a legitimate scandal and the student body should know when their booze money is taken and is applied to an insular group’s booze fund rather than its purpose to help students.
2) The Nexus is not the only newspaper on campus. There’s the Bottom Line…
3) I don’t think the Nexus is student-funded to the degree A.S. is.
4) The media? Petty and attention-grabbing? Say it ain’t so! … but this isn’t a pedantic story about what celebrity did who in what while doing X, this is blatant misuse of student funds that ended up bringing litigation to the university.

Thank you, Nexus, for bringing this to light and not letting A.S. sweep it under the rug.

– nhkmty

Waste of comment (looking at you, leftoneright)

In addition to everything nhkmty mentioned above let’s not forget to ask the following questions:

1. How much of the booze was paid for with AS funds?
2. How many AS members on the retreat were underage?
3. How much money will the University have to waste on legal fees to sort this mess out?
4. Which account is the inevitable settlement money for Morrocco coming from?
5. Were any campus vehicles used as transport to and from this retreat?
6. Which AS members went on the retreat?
7. Can AS prove that anything productive was actually accomplished at this retreat?

This is absolutely a legitimate scandal with the potential to become something much worse. I am disgusted that AS represents students, past and present, and the University. I look forward to the Nexus’ coverage of this.

– dailysuxass

Waste of effort

I can’t wait until tomorrow’s nexus comes out with a front page story about how leg council sodomized puppies during their closed door meeting.

Honestly there are more deserving targets of this vendetta than the leg council. UC Execs have closed door meetings all the time, and you’re likely to get a riot baton in the face if you try to enter that meeting, but there isn’t the virulent outrage against them. Whatever happened in Los Osos is pretty irrelevant in the big picture of how our student fees our being wasted.

During this so called UC State of Emergency where workers and professors are getting furloughed, services are getting severed, and class sizes are ballooning, “Senior” Associate Chancellor Mark Fisher gets a promotion to a title made just for him along with a nice raise to go along with it. Did the nexus make a peep? I don’t remember hearing anything about it. Instead, whenever a UC official says anything, the nexus takes it at face value and goes along with it.

Seriously, if the nexus put half the effort into fighting against corruption that actually has an affect on the general student population (to the tune of 32%) than it might be a paper more worthy of our time and student fees.

– Lurchylurch