A.S. members need to grow up and figure out how to act their age. They are adults and do not deserve to be babied. If they want to use money that you and I give the university to buy booze and spend their weekends in a $750 per night villa — and I don’t know about you, but I’ve never spent the night in a villa before in my life — then we need to hold them civilly accountable and criminally liable if they trash a rental house and decide to use student fees to pay for the thousands of dollars in damages they owe.

They don’t deserve our money; they deserve to be arrested. A.S. members should spend their own hard-earned savings to pay for damages, and I am absolutely incensed that anyone would suggest otherwise — especially if the suggestion is made at an essentially secret legislative council meeting. Furthermore, because A.S. has indicated that such an event is to become an annual occurrence — they trashed their residence during last year’s official retreat as well — executive A.S. officials have zero business using funds from student fees to pay for their own student fees.

The fact that A.S. would spend $750 per night on their weekend residence alone is obscene. Does it remind anyone else of big business execs getting their outrageous, million-dollar bonuses as their companies went under? The UC system doesn’t have money enough to waste on frivolous imbeciles who believe getting wasted is a good team-building exercise.

Personally speaking, I’m in favor of disbanding Associated Students altogether. They haven’t shown any genuine interest in helping students as our fees continue to skyrocket. As that seems an unlikely development, though, I’ll settle for this: Show A.S. the same respect they’ve shown us during the UC fiscal crisis; make those children pay for their mistakes and leave them to drown.