The UCSB Women’s Center is currently hosting a multicultural art exhibit featuring work from students and professional artists.

The art on display ranges from paintings to photography, and even includes a work consisting of human hair on canvas. The show, entitled “Mixed Like Me,” will run until April 16. Third-year art major and show curator Lillian Edwards said the exhibit explores racial identity through an artistic lens.

“The theme of the show is to explore what it means to have a multiracial background,” Edwards said. “The goal is to bring an awareness and discussion about race through art.”

While the exhibit includes traditional forms of art such as paintings, it also includes more unconventional displays. Fourth-year art major Jordan Killebrew created a mixed-media work, placing a large section of his afro on canvas.

Killebrew calls the piece “Don’t Pet Me.”

The Women’s Center exhibit also includes images from professional artist and UCSB professor Kip Fulbeck, who contributed photographs from his current work, “The Hapa Project.” Fulbeck’s work depicts self-described “hapa” people, whose multiethnic heritage includes Asian or Pacific Islander descent.

Third-year art major and show co-curator Michelle Drummy said Fulbeck’s work is an appropriate contribution to the exhibit.

“The Hapa Project is Kip’s independent art project that is currently being shown across the country, including photos of mixed race individuals with personalized statements addressing the question ‘What are you?'” Drummy said.

The show also includes a large collaborative puzzle, with individual pieces designed by UCSB students and staff. The completed puzzle features decorative elements such as corn kernels, string and paint.