Hundreds of nonprofit volunteer and internship organizations will exhibit today during the annual Care Expo from 12 to 4 p.m. at Corwin Pavilion.

Sponsored by Career Services and the Associated Students Community Affairs Board, the fair will provide students of all majors with job, internship and community service opportunities. Attendees will also have the chance to network with likeminded students and community leaders.

CAB Co-chair Alyssa Hill, a fourth-year biology major, said this year’s exposition is not only more organized than years past, but boasts more companies as well.

“This year is definitely more organized, and we were able to reach out to nonprofits further away from here,” Hill said.

According to CAB Special Projects Assistant Hunter Flynn, a fourth-year economics major, event-goers will be given “United States of Caring” passports to get stamped while interacting with different organizations. He said those with six or more stamps will be rewarded with a gift bag.

“Instead of wandering around, the passport is a creative way of getting students engaged in the process and meeting different nonprofits,” Flynn said.

The fair will feature national organizations including the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and Girl Scouts of America. Local groups such as La Casa de la Raza — a nonprofit community center meant to empower the Latino community — and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, which performs research and analysis on global peace, will also be present.

Moreover, Hill said the opportunities available at the Care Expo could expand into greater possibilities for students.

“For example, if you became an intern at the American Red Cross, later on you would have the opportunity to travel to many different places,” Hill said.

Furthermore, CAB Outreach Co-coordinator Allina Mojarro, a second-year graduate student, said the aim of the fair is to increase the visibility of the wide range of career options available to students.

“It’s actually really exciting to see community organizations on campus trying to get students involved with the community,” Mojarro said.