Criminals burglarized three residences and vandalized 10 cars over the weekend, while partygoers also committed 11 drug and alcohol offenses.

Isla Vista Foot Patrol officers responded to multiple acts of vandalism over the weekend. In one incident, the side mirrors on a string of cars on the 6700 block of Del Playa Drive were destroyed early Sunday morning. Deputies arrested three young men suspected of committing the crimes.

“There were three suspects that were in the area of the vandalisms,” Sergeant Matt Bly of the I.V. Foot Patrol said. “They were also intoxicated. They were arrested for public intoxication, and pending CSI work they might face possible charges of vandalism. It doesn’t look like they were targeting specific vehicles.”

On Saturday morning, deputies arrested a homeless woman for huffing spray paint fumes in a parking lot on Embarcadero del Mar. Sgt. Bly said the IVFP rarely sees cases of huffing.

“Huffing is where someone will take a substance like a spray paint and they’ll spray it onto a rag and then they’ll place it over their mouth and inhale deeply,” Bly said. “We don’t see it very often.”

The woman was cited for public intoxication.

The Foot Patrol also responded to standard alcohol and drug violations. Officers issued four citations for minors in possession of alcohol, arrested five people for public intoxication and made one DUI stop. Two people were arrested for possession of dangerous drugs.

Meanwhile, thieves pried open the coin box in the laundry room of a Del Playa Drive apartment Friday night, entering through an unlocked door. Police said the incident was similar to a string of crimes in Goleta and surrounding areas.

Burglars also struck two private residences in Isla Vista, including one that had been left unlocked.

Sgt. Bly said burglary of unlocked areas is a frequent problem in the community.

“We highly encourage tenants and landlords to lock those laundry rooms,” Bly said. “To my knowledge, this person or persons had not forced entry into one of these.”