Associated Students has teamed up with the Green Campus Program to make eight UCSB buildings more energy efficient in the next three years.

A.S.’s “net zero” campaign aims to not only create more energy-efficient buildings, but also to curb high energy costs. Inspired by the environmentally-friendly construction of the Student Resource Building, A.S. plans to install photovoltaic solar panels on more campus buildings as a waste control method and implement other sustainable modernizations, as well.

A.S. External Vice President of local affairs Clay Carlson, a fourth-year environmental studies major, said utility bills for the eight buildings in question currently total to over a million dollars each year.

“By installing the solar panels, we are eliminating utility bills so the money can go right back to student services,” Carlson said. ”If we do it now, we will start saving immediately.”

The Divison of Student Affairs has already donated $3 million towards the projected $9 million needed to launch the project, Carlson said.

Representative-at-Large Mike Hewitt said acting now would be the best way to yield a long-term solution.

“With the “net zero” campaign, Student Affairs will never have a utility to pay again,” Hewitt said. “This will give the saved money right back to the students.”

If unable to collect the remaining funding from outside donors, A.S. has requested that student lock-in fees between four and seven dollars per quarter be applied towards this “net zero” campaign, with a sunset date of 10 years. However, the measure’s passage would require a majority vote from the student body.