Local law enforcement settled back into normalcy this weekend, arresting only two people.

The Isla Vista Foot Patrol issued a mere 31 citations — mostly for alcohol offenses — and made only two physical bookings this past weekend. These figures, while dramatically lower than those from last weekend’s Halloween celebration — which saw 311 arrests and 720 citations — amount to the calmest weekend this year.

Officers often issue as many as 75 citations in a single weekend.

IVFP Lt. Brian Olmstead said the decrease in partiers and arrests after Halloween is a part of a normal pattern during the school year.

“Typically, as we see the school year go on, activities decrease,” Olmstead said.

Olmstead also said the arrival of students’ parents for Parents’ & Family Weekend may have contributed to the weekend’s low numbers.

This weekend also marked the end of the IVFP’s Fall Offensive, a yearly tactic beginning in September in which Isla Vista increases its number of law enforcement officers. Olmstead said in September that the increase is designed to introduce incoming freshmen to the foot patrol’s zero-tolerance alcohol policies.

With the end of the offensive, Isla Vista will be staffed with fewer county sheriffs. The increased staffing for the Fall Offensive was estimated to cost the county between $70,000 and $80,000.