Simply put, Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” is extraordinary. If there existed any skepticism before about whether or not Michael Jackson would have been unable to complete his massive tour, this film will put it to rest.

“This Is It” is the best way to remember the King of Pop worldwide, for it gives fans a rare behind-the-scenes look at the master at work at what was sure to be the concert experience of a lifetime.

“This Is It” follows Jackson for fourth months of rehearsals of what would have been his final curtain call. Beginning with heartfelt, emotional interviews with several of his backup dancers at the very beginning of rehearsals, the entire film is an homage to one of the greatest performers who ever lived. Not only was the film like watching a concert on screen, but the viewer also gets an in-depth look at Jackson’s creative genius at work, for he was intimately involved in every single step of the process.

Directorp Kenny Ortega, best known for his work on the “High School Musical” films, said he made this film for the fans. As a result, we see and hear Jackson perform everyone’s favorites, from the opening song, “Wanna Be Starting Something,” to the affecting closer, “Man in the Mirror.” For each performance, the Michael we all know and love is in top form. His vocals, and especially his dancing — the way he so easily glides across the stage — are phenomenal.

Though we never actually see him do his trademark moonwalk, what we do see is nothing short of what Jackson is known for: his keen ability to do the unthinkable, the near impossible, and make it look easy. On top of that, we see what a kind-hearted person he really was. If he didn’t like something, he would kindly ask them to change it and follow up with “God bless you.”

Based on the footage, it was obvious that each performance would have been an experience to be remembered. The most noteworthy and jaw dropping of them all was “They Don’t Care About Us.” Using green-screen technology, the innovative performance consisted of Jackson and his dancers on stage dancing in sync with hundreds of futuristic robots on the screen behind them.

One could only imagine what it would have been like completed. The same could be said for the entire concert; from his new take on “Thriller” to the newly released “This Is It,” this film glorifies the talent of Michael Jackson. It remembers him not for his troubled personal life but for the creative genius that everyone loved him for.

Michael Jackson was and will always be the true King of Pop, and this spectacular concert-documentary will never let the world forget it.