Ola Podrida, a.k.a. musician David Wingo, makes music that fits perfectly into the mold cast for the indie-folk sound: While his latest album, Belly of the Lion, may not be incredibly original or groundbreaking, he’s got the beautiful, mellow, acoustic thing down, and mostly, it works.

Wingo got his start crafting film soundtracks, mostly for filmmaker David Gordon Green, and the soundtrack vibe shines brightly through his solo work. With a lo-fi sound that I could have created on my MacBook, and percussive acoustic guitar arpeggios reminiscent of the Deep South, Ola Podrida matches the sound of so many other indie singers out there these days. And, of course, there is the obligatory flowing undertone of sadness, regret and nostalgia carried throughout the album.

In summation, this is perfect late-fall, early-winter music: There is a certain homey, warm quality to the album that is perfect for days like today, where all you want to do is curl up beneath a blanket and drink some spiced apple cider while reading for pleasure rather than for your English class.