In a throwback to the assault charges he received while attending UCSB, former Associated Student president Cervin Morris was arrested at San Diego State University earlier this month for suspicion of attempted robbery, false imprisonment, criminal threats and battery.

On Oct. 10, Morris was reported to be threatening a student at an SDSU residence hall by pinning the individual against a wall. He was quickly arrested for his behavior and transported to jail. Less than a week later, however, Morris was sighted back on SDSU campus. He asked to be escorted to the Office of the Ombudsman, told individuals he was legally blind and name-dropped himself as a former UCSB A.S. president, according to the SDSU Daily Aztec.

Cervin Morris was elected A.S. president at UCSB for 2004-05 and during his term he pled ‘no contest’ to an assault charge he received on Nov. 12, 2004 for bludgeoning a man in the head with a glass bottle and punching another man in the face. Morris had another run-in with county authorities in 2007, when he reportedly disturbed the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital emergency staff and subsequently ended up in Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. custody.

In 2007, Daily Nexus reporters journeyed with Morris to the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital just before his detainment, where Morris told them he had accidentally driven an all-terrain vehicle off of a bridge while teaching students in Mexico, which left him in a coma for three to four days.

Police are urging anyone who sees him on the SDSU campus to call them at (619) 594 1991.